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Congratulations...you've found my webpage! Now if you have found this, you obviously either know me or have received my email and were curious about our custom address.

Here are a few facts and pictures for you to get to know a little bit more about me and my family. You can contact me through the link at the bottom of the page. Happy browsing and come back soon! I am hoping to be adding more every day.

Summer '08 --Thought a blog-type format might work best.  So, to kick things off...

Justin: I've been working at Farms Tech for over a year now, and feel more competent about designing web pages and managing projects.  Now that summer is here, there's also what makes living in "Tornado Alley" worth it--the best BBQ around!  Of course, you can get it year-round, but now is peak time to enjoy the numerous competitions where teams come from all over the country to showcase their delicious creations; I volunteer at least once or twice a month to be a BBQ judge at one of the nearby fairs or cook-offs.

Jamie: Now that the school year is officially "history" we turn our attention to some of the things for which God created summer: visits from far-flung family, swimming lessons, reading longer and deeper books together, going to camp, enjoying our small garden, and getting to see some local attractions we just haven't made time for yet.  I'm so thankful I can be at home with the kids, and wouldn't miss this time in their lives!  They continually amaze me.

Garrett just turned 9, and finished 3rd grade.  His favorite subjects are science and math.  He loves animals, the outdoors, swimming, reading, and dabbles in all sorts of other things.  He is always willing and ready to try something new (like church camp, and new roller coaster rides!) and is usually happy and easy-going.  He's getting to be quite a help to me, also--will help with cooking, cleaning, and doing his own laundry! (Next: mowing the lawn...wouldn't that be nice.)

David is 7, our engineer.  He can spend all morning building with legos, or making a paper craft.  I haven't had it tested, but I believe he reads at about a 4th grade level!  He's also my finder--every family needs one of those for all the rest of us that are so good at losing things ;-(   

Rebecca, our youngest, is 5.  She is quiet and happy, but not afraid to stick up for herself when she has to!   She loves pink and purple, horses, helping me, eating the strawberries, carrots, and peas right out of the garden, and trying to read.  We did finish kindergarten, so now she thinks she ought to be able to read everything!  Given enough time, she does pretty well decyphering.

We are a home schooling family and will continue as long as God keeps the door open.  We all enjoy its unique challenges--the benefits far outweigh the hassles!  If you want more information on our curriculum, follow the links or ask me in person--I'd be more than happy to tell you about our journey :)  I use A Beka for most of the core, and for an overall philosophy and guide for history, science and humanities, a classical approach as outlined in Wise-Bauer's Well-Trained Mind. As a P.S., one of my future goals on this site somewhere is a wish-list from these or 3rd part vendors, in case anyone was thinking of getting us books but didn't know which ones...home education may be cheaper than a private school, but is still far from free!

Anyway, that is an intro to us Wise guys.  Keep checking back for more pictures and additions and we'd love to hear from you!


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